Index Pricing

With all Friedberg Direct account types, you pay only the spread to trade indices. With our enhanced execution, you enjoy even lower spreads on indices and no stop and limit trading restrictions. Check out the Index Product Guide.

Symbol Average Spreads

Symbol Spread Symbol Spread
US30 3.09 FRA40 1.31
SPX500 0.60 HKG33 11.58
NAS100 1.38 JPN225 9.32
UK100 1.05 AUS200 2.02
GER301 2.68 ESP35 7.66
CHN50 10.90    

GER30 average spread displayed is for peak hours only (7:00-21:00 GMT). Effective from February 11th 2019, the GER30 remains open during off peak hours (0:30-7:00 GMT). Spreads may widen during off-peak hours, for more information on GER30 trading hours and spreads.

Decimalized Pricing

To give tighter spreads and more transparent pricing, we quote out to more decimal places than many other trading companies. For example:



on GER30

on GER30

Spread Costs

When you trade with Friedberg Direct, your spread costs are automatically calculated on your platform, so you see real-time spreads and pip costs when you trade. To calculate the spread cost in the currency of your account:

x Pip Cost
x Number of Contracts
= Total Transaction Cost