New HTML5 Web Trading Station

The new Trading Station Web 2.0 platform is built in Mac Friendly HTML5. It has a fresh, modern look and a cleaner, more intuitive user interface, along with exciting new features that make this our best web-based platform yet.

Welcome to FXCM's new HTML5 trading platform, Trading Station Web 2.0. We designed the new version of Trading Station Web with simplicity in mind, and is fully accessible for clients running Windows, Mac or Linux. We think you'll find that TSWeb 2.0 is a giant leap forward from the original TSWeb.

To access the platform, simply visit and click on Log In. Alternatively, you can also navigate directly to Once in, click on Real or Demo depending on what account you're logging in with, and login with your username and password. Once you log in for the first time, you will see your "homepage" appear in the default layout.

  • You'll see your account details listed across the top of the platform under the green bar.
  • The hamburger menu (the blue three horizontal line icon) in the top left gives you access to trading, subscription, settings, and other menus which we will discuss a little later in this video
  • The simple dealing rates widget with live prices is at the top left of the main platform, and to the right of that you'll see a chart widget.
  • If you scroll down with your mouse button, or using the scroll bar on the right side of your screen, you'll see the News widget, Economic Calendar, and finally, a multi-tabbed Account widget.

Let's go back and look at these in more detail, starting with the menu options.

Expand the hamburger menu at the top left.

The Trading option allows you to open and manage trades

The subscription list is for adding and removing pairs and symbols

The Widgets menu allows you to add more boxes of information to your platform, including:

*charts for any instrument
*price panels for any instrument, which are very similar to the advanced dealing rates in Trading Station Desktop, except that each price panel is for just one symbol
* the simple dealing rates widget, note that dragging an instrument from this widget into the grid creates a price panel as well.
* the tabbed tables widget, where you can find information about the account, open orders, open and closed positions and your trade summary
* The Docker Layout, which allows you to layer multiple charts, tables, and other widgets together in the same box using tabs. This layout was created as an alternative to the infinite grid layout, and using it you can transform the platform into a fixed grid layout.
* The symbol list in case you prefer to keep this handy on your homepage, instead of opening it from this menu each time
* The economic calendar
* The news widget
* And the market data signals widget.
* ( Note that you can also add some widgets to your page by clicking on the "plus" icon on the top right corner of the platform. From there you can add charts, price panels, and tabbed charts.)

The Setting menu lets you adjust trading settings, time zone, chart settings, color options, and more. Note that when you click on any option an explanation of it is shown at the bottom

Report is for running various reports on your account. From here you can access our Trading Analytics website which provides statistical data from your trading.

Language lets you choose from 14 languages in which to view the platform

Trading Settings is for setting up one-click and double-click trading

The Help menu WAIT.

The Research button takes you to FXCM Plus where you can find trading signals and market analysis WAIT.

And finally, Education takes you to our live classroom where you can learn more about charts and indicators WAIT.

Now let's get to the meat of the platform - how to use the widgets.

One of the best features of TS Web 2.0 is that you can easily manipulate the widgets to easily set the platform "just" how you like it. As you can see, if you click on the "ant" menu (which is the three-dotted menu at the top right corner of any widget), you'll find more options. The first one is clone, which creates a carbon copy of the widget. The second one is detach, which opens the chart in a new browser window outside of your board. The third option is fullscreen. You can get back out of fullscreen to your previous layout by then clicking the ant menu again and selecting Restore. Do note that not all widgets have all of the same options that the Chart widget does.

Now, let's resize a widget by clicking on the bottom right corner and dragging it out or in to resize. Other widgets will automatically resize themselves to better organize your board.

You can also move widgets around freely by clicking on their header and dragging them across the background, like so.

You can remove widgets by clicking on the ant menu and selecting "close", like this.

Another exciting advantage of TS Web 2.0 is the fact that the entire platform is cloud based, which means that all the hard work you do setting up your platform just the way you like it will be saved on our server, and will therefore be accessible to you from any computer. You can manage and save multiple layouts by going to the top right corner and clicking on the Layouts button. Click on Manage Layouts, enter a name for your current setup, and click "save". To access your saved layout in the future, click on the layout icon, and then on the name of the layout you want to apply.

This concludes our introduction to Trading Station Web 2.0. If you have any further questions, contact a knowledgeable FXCM representative using the contact details listed in the description box below. And as always, happy trading.


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