At Market vs. Market Range

Market Orders can be placed as At Market or Market Range. Watch to learn how place both types of orders.

There are two order types to choose from when creating a Market Order: At Market and Market Range. At Market executes the order at the best price available to FXCM from its many liquidity providers. A Market Range order will only execute if the order can be filled within the defined range that you set here. For example, setting the range to 10 guarantees that the order will only execute within a price range that is 10 pips above or below the order price, assuming liquidity is available. This order type is a good option when prices are volatile like they often are around news events.


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Order Execution Only

Order Execution Only

Regulatory Documents:
IIROC Brochure: How Can I Get My Money Back, How IIROC Protects Investors, IIROC Complaints Brochure, CIPF Brochure, CIPF Coverage Policy, IIROC Order Execution Only Bulletin, Conflict Disclosure Statement

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