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At Friedberg Direct, we realize every trader's needs are different; many like to arrange their trading stations differently, and they can, because the look and feel of the FXCM Trading Station is fully customizable. It allows you to change the size, shape, location, and color of almost every feature. Click the "Options" menu selection in the "System" menu (upper left-hand corner) to begin exploring the customization features.

The "Options" menu allows you to change any aspect of the FXCM Trading Station, including:

  • the text size;
  • the background, line, and tab colors; and
  • the alert sounds.
Click system menu and select Options


Changing the look and feel of your trading station is now as simple as selecting from an assortment of pre-formatted skins. These skins provide a total makeover for the look and feel of the FXCM Trading Station. You can apply them quickly and easily with a few clicks of the mouse. Just open the "Options" menu and choose your skin.

Select from Mac Style, XP Style, and Vista Style

You can also change any individual setting in the "Options" menu:

Changing individual settings through Trading Settings within the Options menu


You can change color settings for your charts in the "Options" menu as well.


You can turn sounds on and off, as well as change the sounds the trading station makes, through the "Options" menu.

Sounds Menu

Dealing Rates

You can alternate between the "Simple" and "Advanced Dealing Rates" views by clicking on the "Simple Dealing Rates" tab at the top of the dealing rates window.

Dealing Rates Mode

The simple view offers additional information about currency pairs, such as rollover rates and margin requirements.

Simple Dealing Rates View Mode

The "Advanced Dealing Rates" window has a special detachability feature: You can click on the name of the currency pair, drag the rates box for this pair out of the window, and place it anywhere on your screen. For example, some traders like to keep it next to their charts:

Advanced Dealing Rates View Mode

Adjustable Windows

All the windows in the FXCM Trading Station can be moved and resized by clicking and dragging, similar to Microsoft Windows. Once you have moved and sized all the windows the way you like them, the FXCM Trading Station will save the layout when it closes. If you have several different layouts you would like to keep, you can save them by using "Save Profile" in the "View" menu.

Click View and select Svae Profile