FXCM Group Press Releases

Simple and Complex Apps

Our Programming Services team has a long history of creating and developing custom apps for our retail and professional traders. As such, we have a catalog of programs that can assist money managers and professional traders with risk management, order tracking, advanced alert systems and more.

From simple ready-made solutions to custom trading programs, the Programming Services team specialises in working to provide you with the most efficient tools for your needs. Some of our off-the-shelf solutions are:

FXCM Trade Copier

This simple and reliable software is geared to money managers and high-frequency traders managing multiple accounts. FXCM Trade Copier can duplicate/copy trades from a “master” account to multiple linked accounts seamlessly. Unlike other copiers, this software is not limited to MetaTrader 4, but can work with any FXCM account. The software allows for custom risk management based on a lot multiplier to allocate position size per account.

Order Slicer

The order slicer is a tool designed for traders who execute large order sizes and want the best price possible, at a minimal market impact. The software allows you to “slice” or divide your order into multiple smaller ones, which can then trickle into the market at selected spacing settings like time (milliseconds), tick or price. This gives you the opportunity to get a better average open price as well as reduce market impact.

For a discussion of your needs and assistance integrating with FXCM, contact us at consulting@fxcm.com.

Note: In some jurisdictions companies providing trade copying are required to be registered with the financial regulator as a Money Manager.