Happy Holidays from FXCM

Date Trading Hours Customer Service Hours
24 December, 2014 TH: Close at 19:00 GMT CSH: Close at 20:00 GMT
25 December, 2014 TH: Closed CSH: Closed
26 December, 2014 TH: Open at 6:00 GMT CSH: Open at 5:00 GMT
31 December, 2014 TH: Close at 19:00 GMT CSH: Close at 20:00 GMT
1 January, 2015 TH: Closed CSH: Closed
2 January, 2015 TH: Open at 6:00 GMT CSH: Open at 5:00 GMT

CFD Holiday Trading Hours (Changes may impact your trading on gold, metals and indices). Please be aware that during the holidays rollovers may be larger than normal due to illiquid markets. FXCM's customer service is typically available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Trading Desk opens Sundays between 22:00 and 22:15 GMT and closes Fridays at 21:55 GMT.

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